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Speak With Christina

Being an empath helps Christina to guide her clients through their journey. She is able to read the heart of each person and it allows her sessions to progress into something meaningful and deep. Not only does she use effective strategies to help you create a successful plan towards love, but she helps you understand what is meant for you.

Christina has been in the love coaching industry for over 14 years and has helped clients in all different parts of the world. Her technique combines strategic methods along with her intuitive guidance to help each client manifest and create their ultimate relationship.

Create The Love You Deserve

“I started seeing visions of events right before they would occur as young as 13 years old. I have the ability to look at someone and see visions of who they date, marry, and/or love .”

What to expect during a session with Christina

Many clients describe that a session with Christina feels similar to speaking with a best friend. She wants to help you in the most beneficial way, so be prepared to come to each session with a honest mindset and an heart. She will tap into the energy right away and help guide you.

Be Mindful in Love

Be fully your divine self & quit telling yourself the wrong story about your love life. Create the love life you deserve.”

Talk Now!

To hire Christina for a session, watch for her availability below. If she is busy or away, please leave a callback request. or visit


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