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Hi! We are Jessica & Christina


Jessica and Christina have been in the coaching industry for over 14  years and have helped thousands of clients over the entire globe. Word of their talent has spread quickly opening many doors for them in television and radio. 

Jessica and Christina combine years of life coaching expertise with their natural born intuitive gift. This allows for a unique experience because they are able to guide their clients in more ways then one. 

The sisters knew that this was their calling when they mysteriously became ill at 18 years old. They were both enrolled in nursing school but their illness derailed those plans. During their journey back to health, they started to become more aware of their gifts and how they could use them to help others. 

Being on the same life path, they traveled and shared the same passion to help people all around the country by touring speaking engagements and appearing on radio. 

Explore Mindfulness With Us

Jessica then released her first book, "Best Kept Relationship Secrets." In this book she helps women identify their bad habits in love and then utilize specific tools in order to create, manifest, and strategically get the relationship of your dreams. Although the sisters use specific techniques, their coaching ends up feeling like an intuitive session because they are able to feel and pick up on energy that surrounds you.

Phone & Chat Sessions

Jessica & Christina have a spontaneous schedule and that is why they offer "on demand" sessions. They offer multiple ways to have a session with them including either via phone, or chat/texting. For a session, visit the. "Let's Talk" page and look out for their availability. Below is a list of frequently asked questions.


How will I know if they are available? Next to their individual profiles are buttons that will turn green when they are available. When they are on another call they will say "busy" and turn red. When they are not available the buttons will be red and say "unavailable".

What do I do if they are busy on another call? Click on the button and you will see an area where you can leave a callback request. This will put you next in line. Once it is your turn, the phone system will generate an automated call to you and connect you.

Will they ever have my personal information? This website uses a third party platform, Click4advisor. They are completely safe and no personal information is ever exchanged or compromised. When you call or chat them it will use a California number with a 925 area code. You will never get their personal phone number and vise versa.

Can I ever talk to the sisters together? Due to their busy schedules, they do sessions individually. They do sessions together only on a private basis. If you are interested in a session with both of the sisters together, you will need to email as a booking inquiry. 

I want a session, now what? The first step to getting a session, is to click on their buttons. From there, it will ask you to set up a profile. This will allow you to add the amount of time/minutes you would like to speak for. Don't worry if you don't use all of your time, it allows you to bank your minutes for another session. If you  are in the middle of the session and run out of time, it will allow you to add more minutes without disconnecting the call. 

Speaking Engagements

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Press & T.V Appearances

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